Work with K-12 history educators

In June 2018, I led 33 California public school teachers in a week-long seminar on the history of U.S. immigration using California as a case study. The seminar was co-sponsored by the Gilder-Lehrman Institute of American History and the Spencer Foundation. Guest speakers included National Humanities Medal recipient Dr. Vicki Ruiz; Scripps College professor Dr. Wendy Cheng, and Sanctuary advocate and ordained clergy Rev. Dr. Alexia Salvatierra. For more highlights, check out the seminar’s Twitter page. In Fall 2018, I talked to History Now, Gilder-Lehrman’s online magazine, about teaching U.S. immigration history.

In October 2019, I led a Gilder-Lehrman training for 60+ Idaho K-12 public educators on U.S. immigration during World War I. Held in Boise, ID, the seminar was co-sponsored by the World War I Commission.

I continue to lead Gilder-Lehrman teacher seminars on the histories of U.S. immigration, race relations, and Asian America. In 2021-2022, these have included seminars with teachers in Kansas, New Jersey, and throughout the country.

Courses taught (or co-taught)

At Occidental College:

  • HIST 102: United States Culture and Society II
  • HIST 208: Immigrants in America, 1492 to the Present
  • HIST 209: The United States in the World since 1900
  • HIST 300: History Colloquium: Histories of U.S. Empire
  • HIST 300: History Colloquium: Christianity and Politics in America since 1945
  • CSP (first-year seminar): Racial Violence in US History and Memory
  • CSP (co-taught): Expulsions: Un/documented Migrants, Refugees, and the Stateless

When Alec Baldwin visited my U.S. history survey dressed as Abraham Lincoln.