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Far East Deep South (PBS World, 2021) explores the seldom-told history of Chinese immigrants living in the American South during the late 1800s to mid-1900s through the eyes of Charles Chiu and his family as they travel from California to Mississippi to find answers about his father, K.C. Lou. Hong offers historical context on Chinese exclusion in the United States.

The 2021 Peabody Award-winning Asian Americans (PBS, 2020) is a five-episode series that casts a new lens on U.S. history and the ongoing role that Asian Americans have played in shaping the nation’s story. Hong appears in episodes 2 and 3. At the end of episode 3, she shares her own family’s immigration story, beginning with her mother’s journey from Seoul to New York City as a nurse under the 1965 Immigration Act.

Lunar New Year, Korea Society. Hong shares facts about Lunar New Year and describes how her Korean immigrant family celebrates the holiday.

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